Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I’m Dr. Jackson. I have been practicing psychology very successfully for over 15 years and have worked with a wide variety of individuals from all walks of life. My story includes how I overcame my own struggles during a difficult divorce and the death of my father by using highly researched and validated techniques. As a result, I have created a customized approach to overcoming life’s challenges. I believe my role is to serve as a facilitator to assist you in healing and realizing your true potential by developing the skill set to walk a uniquely determined path toward self-actualization. ❤

Areas of Interest : Anxiety | Depression | Autism Evals | ADHD | Family Coaching | Life Coaching | Divorce | LGBTQ Community Allied | Relationship and Social Skills Building for Personal and Professional Development | Veteran Allied | Parenting Development | Legal Issues and Court Ordered Evaluations or Counseling | Meditation Training | Relaxation

What you think, you become. You cannot control all the events in the outer world, but you can control your inner world. I welcome you on this journey of self knowledge & improvement. Please email at any time of the day. I will respond as soon as possible and encourage you to also call me if you have not heard from me via email within a reasonable time frame.