Our Practice

In our practice, we specialize in diagnosing and treating neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, Autism), mood disorders (postpartum depression, depression, bipolar) and anxiety disorders. We are here to help you address whatever life challenges you have encountered and to move towards becoming your best self. Whether you need assistance with a short-term focused approach or require a longer-term therapy to achieve your desired goals. We can also assist with getting you or your child accommodations for school and help you to better understand your challenges, strengths and weaknesses by finding the right diagnosis and guiding your treatment.

Treatment Approach

Before opening my own practice, I worked treating children and young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders in several settings where I had the opportunity to evaluate, diagnose, and treat these issues. I utilize several techniques to meet my client’s individual needs. Some of these techniques include insight-oriented therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, mindfulness-based strategies, play-therapy, social skills training, parent coaching and biofeedback. I will create a tailored treatment plan and approach that includes tools to help sustain the growth experienced in regular therapy.

Additionally, there is a growing body of research that supports the practice of self-compassion and mindfulness in psychotherapy. Neuroscience research reveals individuals that practice these techniques are happier, more resilient, and better equipped to heal painful memories from the past. It is my honor and mission to help my clients move past what’s blocking them from reaching their full potential individually and in their relationships. We believe in the connect between the mind, body, and spirit. A holistic treatment and attention to these areas can help you to grow, develop, and be fulfilled in life.


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson